Welcome to Coach Masters International

by coachmastersinternational


Coach Masters International is twenty-first century professional coaching and staff development  firm that works with organizational leaders within the emergency services community. Our clients represent those organizations who are ready to begin the process of transformation from yesterdays’s theory and methodology of management in a non tactical enviornment, to a highly intuitive model of staff development coaching.

The traditional role of leadership has historically been based on power. From a conventional viewpoint, this means one person’s ability to control a group. In the knowledge-driven world, leadership is the ability to help people see the best in themselves, and reach heights they did not believe they could. As we transcend from a model of “telling” people to one that inspires greatness, we are reminded of the words of Albert Einstein.

“As I face the significant problems in life, I must change my level of thinking in which I first created them”

Coaching people for exceptional performance begins by focusing on their individual goals and dreams. Achieving that objective is asking powerful and poignant questions. Therefore, a key role of the coach is to become skilled in the art of listening empathically, while maintaining objectivity and allowing the individual being coached to set the agenda, yet, subjective enough to hold a person accountable to their governing values. 

The secrect for success with this new skill set is what we call the inner-game. The way we perceive our role within the organization, and the impact we envison having on those who we coach, will in large part, effect the outcomes of this new role. The effectiveness of a coach does not require specific knowledge of the person being coached, it requires a deep connection based on what is being said. 

Quite often people know exactly what they want, and when they verbalize their thoughts, hearing it repeated back to them, triggers the actions required to experience the desired results. Coaches create a safe space for experimentation, understanding that failure is not final, just a part of the process for success. Quite often, the space between where we are and where we want to be, is the story we tell ourselves of why we cannot have that which we desire.

Succeeding in the new global economy requires people to balance social and emotional intelligence while continuously developing their personal skill sets for individual and organizational effectiveness. 

We understand the selection of a Professional Coach is an important decision. To ensure that our clients have a positive and rewarding experience, Coach Masters International, along with our professional coaches embrace to the standards and ethics defined by the International Coaching Federation. Our staff is available to answer any questions you may have.

For more information on our coaching services please contact our office in New Jersey directly at 908-364-5700.